Castle Bacon

Castlemaine Bacon Company was originally formed in 1905 in the rural Victorian town of Castlemaine by the Harris family, a family who still have an active involvment in the running of the business today! We’re very proud and excited to be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of this iconic Australian company’s beginning.

Experts in Web Design Melbourne

Website Design Melbourne

What experts in website design Melbourne should you hire to work on your website? If you have never put up a website before, this question can bother you to no end? Should you think about cost above all else? Should you only interview people who have done GMG website design Melbourne for at least ten years? What is a business owner or blogger to do?

This article will tell business owners and bloggers in the Melbourne area three questions they should ask any person who works in website design Melbourne about how they do their jobs, what they will charge and how they determine their fees, etc.

  1. What Website Design Melbourne Services Do You Give Your Clients? Many website designers give their clients more than a cute website. These days, website designers in Melbourne are offering their customers some of the following services:
    • Copywriting
    • E-Commerce Solutions
    • Hosting
    • Pay Per Click Management
    • SEO
    • Social Media Management
    • Web Development

    Just because a company that does website design Melbourne offers other services besides website design, doesn’t mean that they are good at them. Doing things such as managing your social media accounts or taking over your SEO tasks require a different set of talents that don’t typically get used in website design. If you plan on asking your website designer to do other things, talk to former clients to ensure that they can do the job well.

  2. Do You Use Templates In Your Work?Many times, professionals who do website design Melbourne will offer their clients both pre-made templates and a website made from scratch. Some people who don’t want or need to establish a strong online brand may opt for the template. Others who want to make a strong statement for their blog or business and want a unique look that reflects said brand might want a website made from scratch. To determine which option will best work in your favor, talk with your website designer about prices, possible looks, and time frames for completion.
  3. Can You Show Me Other Websites You Completed?You should always get nothing but a resounding “yes” to this question. Usually, you can find examples of the website designer’s best work on their portfolio. If examples of their work aren’t visible on their website, ask to see work samples before you talk about anything else.

Developments In Web Design Melbourne

New Developments In Web Design Melbourne

Web design is a fascinating part of the online world. It’s what makes the Internet come to life in a way that’s entertaining, visually appealing, and memorable. Web design Melbourne companies are well-known for the visual techniques they use in creating today’s most popular websites in Melbourne. What gets left behind are the “little” things in web design Melbourne, such as search engine strategies involving keywords, scripting, and social media components built into the site.

If you’re in need of quality GMG web Melbourne services, then this is a good place to get a brief primer of some of the things they might incorporate into your website.

Keyword guidance

Part of design is deciding what words to put on the homepage and other central pages. Great web design Melbourne services will suggest and then incorporate important keywords into headers and the design itself. It might not look like much to someone who doesn’t know about it, but this is a very important part of the design process.

Social media interaction

Not only will a good web design Melbourne service encourage you to have all of your social media accounts highly visible on the site, but they can also operate your entire social media operation for you. Social media is an important extension of your website and gives you the opportunity to have a 24/7 dialogue with your visitors.

Site script

Scripts are the language that designers use to make sure that your website works properly and reads to the public properly. Good web design Melbourne is going to incorporate the use of scripts which aren’t just friendly to your human visitors but are also friendly to the search engines that will be growing your audience over the years. Good web design Melbourne companies know exactly what scripts are friendly to which search engines.

This is an extremely brief primer on what a good web design company can do for your Melbourne site. Other components will put you in touch with your local audience and web design Melbourne services are extremely flexible and creative in coming up with new ways to put your website on the map. In the beginning, it can be difficult to believe that one day your site will be among the many major players on the web. With the right web design Melbourne company, though, it’s entirely possible for this to happen.

Website Design Melbourne

Website Design Melbourne Firms Help Small Sites, Too

Smaller websites often think they don’t need a push from web design agencies. After all, since they’re doing things on a smaller scale, it’s easy to incorrectly believe that a “do it yourself” job is more cost effective. In reality, small businesses need website design Melbourne agencies just as much as a large scale business and perhaps moreso. Here’s why.

Smaller businesses need more brand building

If you’re a sprawling big business, you probably already have plenty of word of mouth advertising and brand recognition. Smaller online properties don’t have this. Website design Melbourne firms do more than just design a website and take it live online. They also build brand recognition using proven digital marketing strategies.

Smaller businesses need SEO that works

While smaller businesses can use the do it yourself approach on SEO, most of the time this method fails. You waste time and valuable advertising dollars just to get little or no results. GMG website design services step in and build a successful SEO strategy based on extensive keyword research and analyses, transforming a website into something that can compete with the big names overnight.

Smaller businesses need a stronger online presence

Whether your business is confined to the Internet or also in the real world, website design Melbourne services are able to take what you already have and build a stronger online presence with social media marketing and e-mail marketing. Bigger businesses already have this strong online presence so when they hire a website design Melbourne service it might be for maintenance of success that’s already there. Smaller businesses are building from the ground up and strongly need the help of website design Melbourne services in order to get their success off the ground.

These are just a few of the reasons that smaller businesses desperately need to hire website design Melbourne firms for their online marketing needs. Not only do these companies experience an increase in brand recognition, search engine rankings, and online presence, but they learn new areas that they can stand to prove in. If you’ve been using a do it yourself approach to design and SEO and find yourself frustrated with the lack of results, give a great website design Melbourne company a chance to improve the strength of your brand and take you to a whole new level of success. This website design Melbourne agency will strengthen your presence online.